Games As Art Center

A center where players can come to learn, play and make games. Featuring live action role-playing games, talks on the artistic practice of game design and workshops. The center is open and designed for all people, in English, with no experience required! Simply register and join us :).

Come to make, play, and think.

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Want to support games and art in Tampere?

All of our activities are hosted for free, with all proceeds covering costs and paying designers. In order for this to be sustainable, we rely on voluntary support from participants who choose to become members with a one-time (or monthly) payment. Choosing to support us allows us to maybe continue this mission after December 31st (when our free location will no longer be available). In exchange we will host your events and much more!

Members and Partners of the Games As Art Center:

Akateemiset Pelaajat, Ans Ahmad, Chris Aylott, Corinna Wüllner, Daniel Fernández Galeote, Eddie Reyes, Felipe Garcia Soriano, Finland Improv Ry, Jaakko Stenros, Jukka Särkijärvi, Laura op de Beke, Leland Masek, Malin Steinmetz, Mauricio Castro Valdez, Mee-lu Lie, Rūta Balžekaitė, Velvet Spors, Ville Susi.

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